Until 1820 - South was Nationalistic -- Two events caused Sectionalism
1. Business Panic 1819
2. Overplanting
* cotton dropped
  .33 to .15 per pound
* tobacco dropped
  .25 to .05 per pound

Missouri Compromise of 1820
Free State v. Slave State
House of Reps.Senate
FreeSlaveFree  Slave
105     81   22       22
Missouri wanted to be admitted as a slave state  Results:
1. Maine was admitted as a free state
2. Missouri was admitted as a slave state
3. Divided the country by the 36 30

Thomas Jefferson Firebell in the Night

This trade off  worked until: Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo made land available below the 36 30 line.
Tallmadge Amendment banned slavery in the west - Passed House
North first to push for Sectionalism -- Blocked in the Senate

Nullification -- (Webster/Hayes Debate 1830)
Threat of Secession King Cotton
Nov. 24, 1832 - Nullified Tariff of 1828, 1832.  Force Bill - Andrew Jackson
Compromise Tariff of 1833 -- Henry Clay
South Carolina voids Nullification
Force Bill - void

This Created Strong Sectionalism -- By 1833 Sectionalism was strongest over:
1.  Taking slaves into free states
2.  Tariffs
3.  Federal taxes for Roads and Highways
4.  Morality of Slavery

Peculiar Institution 

1830  South became Pro Slavery
1831  Three events forced pro-slavery ideas in the mind of the Southern
1. Strong abolitionis campaign
William Lloyd Garrison The Liberator
David Walkers Appel
Burned Post offices
2. Slave revolts in the South
3. Failure of attempts of gradual emancipation

Pro-Slavery Argument:  Slaves,
1. were necessary for adequate labor supply
2. were provided the necessitites of life
3. had no finacial worries
4. received benefits of civilization
5. approved in the Bible
1848 -- Wilmot Proviso-stated that slavery should not exist in lands aquired from Mexico.

Election of 1848

CandidateParty         Platform
CassDem Pop. Sovereignty
Taylor      Whig         No Platform
Van BurenFree-Soil   Split in Dem Party

Compromise of 1850
Formed by Henry Clay

Disposed of the extension of the 36 30 -- Results:
1. Admitted California as a FREE state
2. Land acquired from Mexico would be based on Popular Sovereignty.
3. Texas was paid 10 million
4. Abolish Slave trade in Washing, D.C.
5. Passed a more effective fugitive slave law.
Compromise of 1850 did not work because:
Fugtive slave law,
1. tried before commissioners
a. $10 to return
b. $ 5 to free
2. Required all citizens to assist
3. terrified free blacks
4. No protection against incorrect I.D.

This led to success of Uncle Toms Cabin (Stowe)

Election of 1852
Whigs .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Winfield Scott
Democrats  .  .  .  .  . Franklin Pierce

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